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Ritual Chocolate Sensations 59 €
A pleasure that stimulates the senses and relaxes the mind while moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
It starts with an exfoliation followed by a cocoa wrapper pindas Spa ending with a relaxing massage. Relax in the spa thermal bench and chocolate tasting infusion area.
Ritual olive elixir 45 €
Its benefits go far beyond its nutritional properties. It is high in vitamin E and other antioxidants. By energizing exfoliation based jam and basil olive oil for a massage then draining and toning using bamboo poles.
Ritual of sweet honey welfare 57 €
The sweetness of honey for body and soul. Among many properties of honey is soothing, calming, toning, moisturizing and regenerating.
We will welcome you with an exfoliation with Dead Sea salts and culminating with an exclusive massage and acacia honey metcalfa that leave your skin irresistibly silky.
Ritual wine 69 €
Coveted as the secret of the gods for eternal youth.
Disconnect the day with the benefits of wine therapy with wrap grape with pindas deluxe Spa. We provide an antioxidant effect and relaxing and then dipped into a bath of purple grape tonic, where you can sample the local wine concluding with a rejuvenating massage for your whole skin.
Ritual purifying clay 45 €
Clays have been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes and trims.
Its healing properties have regenerative actions, detoxifying, healing, absorbent and soothing.
Enjoy the benefits of minerals and trace elements with clay wrap to conclude with a massage using bamboo sticks.
Spa Ritual candle. Water - Earth - Fire - Air 48 €
Multisensory Ritual for a massage and aromatherapy and emotional envelope. Fats and oil selected plants that hydrate and tone the skin.
Exclusive fragrances that enhance the pleasure and the effect of massage with aromatic variants customized as needed.
The choice of the candle ritual depend on the dominant element of the zodiac sign.
Ritual pareja  115 €
Para disfrutar con tu pareja de un momento íntimo de relajación.
Comenzamos con un masaje con pindas calientes de piedras volcánicas para luego sumergirse en un baño de uva morada reconstituyente, mientras degustan una copa de vino regional. Para finalizar realizamos un masaje relajante con aceite aromático.
ritual Duo 95 €
Ideal for sharing with someone special to you, your friend, your mother, your daughter or your partner.
We perform a massage with hot volcanic stones pindas that provide all the benefits of mineral stones. Then finish with a relaxing massage with hot oil.

Arranging one of the rituals, for 15 more, enjoy the water circuit.
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