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Samper de Calanda

Samper de Calanda is located in the Martin riverbed, on the road that connects Híjar and Escatrón. The village is situated on the right bank of the river, near the Zaragoza-Barcelona railway line.

The service sector occupies a third part of the population. Agriculture, industry and construction occupy the rest of the population.

From far away one appreciates the overwhelming volume of the parish church of the Savior, construction of the XVIII, century of great monuments. With three naves in five stages and a cruise crowned by a great dome on pendentives that stands out to the outside along with two towers that flank the facade.

Once in the town center, intersecting streets of medieval atmosphere, it is recommended walk around the neighborhood of the Alamines that has managed to maintain the architecture of the area.

The signalling mark the way for the hermitages of Calvary and Santa Quiteria, located to the east of the population. The Calvary it dominates the connection between Secano and Vega. The baroque building houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Holy Week of the Bajo Aragon.

Very near, in a beautiful setting, the hermitage of Santa Quiteria, next to a miraculous fountain that protects against rabies, stands in great shrine of the area, as there are some of the most important pilgrimages in the county. Next to the chapel are the home of the hermit, the old hostelry and the botanical garden.

The amateur archaeologist you will find a "mine" in the municipality of Calanda, which houses deposits of representative Bronze Age, Iron Age I, of the Iberian culture and La Romana.

In addition to the major festivals, at the beginning of August, Samper, one of the nine villages in the path of the drum and the bass drum of the Bajo Aragon, celebrates with the rhythmical, thunderous pace of these instruments the Holy Week.